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So what does this term mean ?
  • The term “blacklisted loan” is not a an official term but is widely used today by consumers who are searching for¬†loans but have a less then perfect credit profile.
  • It is a loose term that is used to describe a person that may have a number of different types of bad credit or adverse information on there credit record.
  • When most people go online searching for a blacklisted loan the there are various companies that advertise that they offer such loans. One may ask themselves is it possible for me
  • to a loan if I have bad credit and is there any truth to this.

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Is there any truth behind this term and can one qualify even if they have bad credit ?
  • Like everything in life nothing is ever as easy as it seems and the same applies in the case of any credit application.
  • All credit providers that are NCR registered need to follow certain laws and guidelines as set out by the regulator.
  • One of the main aspects that credit providers need to adhere to is to conduct a proper affordability assessment.
  • The main reason to conduct a proper affordability assessment is to protect the consumer against over-indebtedness and should you not be able to afford an installment for a loan the credit provider is not allowed to grant a loan to you.
  • The second aspect of a loan application is normally called credit vetting, this is a risk assessment used by the credit provider to determine how high of a risk you are which takes into account various aspects of your credit profile, employment information and many other aspects at there own discretion.


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In short it is possible to get a loan should you have adverse information on your name. However it all boils down to the credit provider you choose to apply with and the risk assessment they are using as well as if the application meets NCR requirements. Some credit providers are much more lenient in there lending Criteria while others may be much more strict. This risk assessment also can influence what interest rate you may qualify for. Generally credit providers whom offer loans to people with an impaired credit credit may charge a higher rate. This higher interest rate is to offset the risks that are associated.

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