bridging loans

Bridging loans solutions :

Bridging loans is a short term solution to access cash quickly while you are waiting for your pension fund, RAF Claim payout, sale of property or property agent commission.

Pension funds: Typically pension funds can take up to 6 months before you receive your money and this can often lead to one being cash strapped especially in the case where you are no longer employed. bridging loans allow you to access cash while waiting for payout.

Road accident fund claims may take up to 1 year or even longer to pay out approved claims, this leaves one in a hard position, especially when they are no longer able to work due their extensive injuries. a RAF claim loan or road accident fund claim loan allows you to access cash during this waiting period which will allow you to take care of monthly expenses, your family or use it on anything else you need.

Sale of property: If you have sold your property and are currently waiting for the proceeds which can take up to 6 months, you now can access cash in the form a bridging loan while awaiting pay out.

Property agent commission: If you are a property agent whom is currently awaiting for your commission, you can now access cash quickly via a bridging loan while awaiting for pay out.

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bridging loans